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Apply now for financial assistance loan program

Get the economic aid you need with our COVID-19-related loan program for independent network providers, through Lendeavor.

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Simplifique con las herramientas para proveedores

  • Reclamaciones en tiempo real y presupuesto previo al tratamiento gratis
  • Información detallada sobre beneficios y elegibilidad
  • Estado e historial de las reclamaciones
  • Depósito directo y más
Tome el primer paso sencillo: regístrese para recibir servicios en línea Información general sobre las herramientas para proveedores (PDF 422kB)

Obtenga depósito directo. ¡Es gratis!

  • Pago más rápido
  • Mayor seguridad
  • Ayude a salvar el planeta
¡Simplifique! Regístrese para recibir servicios en línea Información general sobre las herramientas para proveedores (PDF 422kB)

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Learn it live!
Sign up for a free, live webinar all about Provider Tools. It’s a good refresher for current staff and a great training opportunity for new staff.
Usar el CDT 2020 para reclamaciones a partir de enero
The American Dental Association's CDT procedure codes and nomenclature have been updated for 2020. Take a look at new codes, deletions and description revisions for the coming year.
How can you improve communication with your patients?
Take advantage of our free Language Assistance Program to get access to professional interpretation services and support for non-English-speaking patients.
Simplify to make an impact
Choose safe, secure direct deposit for quicker access to your funds, and you’ll help the environment, too.
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Save with Perks at Work
Link to discounts and deals for Delta Dental PPOTM and DeltaCare® USA dentists.
Go nationwide
Log in once for eligibility and benefits for patients with coverage from any of the 39 Delta Dental member companies.
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