Oral Health and Wellness Materials

Promote employee oral health and wellness through special events and on a regular basis through your company intranet, newsletters and flyers, posters and booklets. Check out the many tools we offer to promote oral health and wellness to your employees:

Wellness Campaign Kits

Promote oral health and wellness to your employees through special events. Download flyers and posters for these events to print or post on your intranet.


Download posters to use at health fairs or any time during the year in reception areas, cafeterias or break rooms. Posters are specially prepared for high quality printing on 11x17 paper.


Download our oral health booklets to post on your intranet or to distribute to employees by email or print.

SmileWaySM Wellness Articles

Our SmileWay Wellness site offers oral health articles that you can highlight, copy and paste to include in employee newsletters, emails or your company intranet.

Copy and paste the code:

<a href="http://www.deltadentalins.com/oral_health/" >SmileWay Wellness</a>

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