Los 8 motivos principales por los que los padres no acuden al consultorio

Delta Dental survey shows what is stopping you from getting to work this winter

2 de febrero de 2016

San Francisco — Few people have it harder than parents when it comes to juggling jobs, family and life in general. And sometimes, parents simply can’t make it to work. But what are the top reasons they’ll be absent from the office?

A new survey1 from Delta Dental Plans Association details what most parents say will be their reason to miss at least some work this season.

  1. Personal illness: Fifty-seven percent of parents say they’ll most likely miss some work due to their own illness.
  2. Sick kiddos: Just over half of parents surveyed say they’ll have to stay home to care for a sick child. But it’s moms (65%) who will most likely stay home.
  3. Weather: Fifty percent of parents say extreme weather is likely to keep them home. Parents in the Northeast have the highest likelihood of missing work due to weather (66%), followed by Midwesterners (54%) and Southerners (51%). Parents on the West Coast have it the best with only 33% of parents saying weather will affect their commute.
  4. Family emergencies: One-third of parents may need to deal with an emergency of some sort. Survey finds both mom and dad handle these emergencies almost equally.
  5. Holiday travel: Nearly one-fifth of parents will miss work this winter for holiday-related travel.
  6. Children’s dental health: Seventeen percent of parents (more dads than moms) may take time off work to take care of their child’s dental health issues, including routine dental checkups.
  7. Childcare issues: Sixteen percent of parents, especially those between the ages of 25-34, may take time off to be with their children if they can’t find childcare. Midwesterners report the highest childcare-related work absences in the nation (23%).
  8. Parent’s oral health issues: About 9% of parents say they’ll miss work this winter to take care of their own dental health.

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1About the survey: The survey was conducted by Kelton Global between October 26th and 29th, 2015 among 1,013 nationally representative Americans 18+. The margin of error is +/-3.1 percent.

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