California: Vote Yes on 56

November 1, 2016

Delta Dental of California is proud to be part of the coalition supporting Prop 56, the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016. This California state ballot measure aims to raise the state excise tax on tobacco. Currently, the California tax on tobacco is $0.87 per pack, and if Prop 56 passes, it would increase that tax to $2.87 per pack with an equivalent increase on products containing nicotine derived from tobacco, including e-cigarettes.

California spends billions of dollars a year treating cancer and tobacco-related diseases yet has one of the lowest taxes on tobacco in the nation.

Funds generated from Prop 56 would increase assistance for existing health care programs and services that treat and research all types of cancer, cardiovascular and lung disease, oral disease and tobacco-related diseases. Prop 56 revenues also would support prevention programs aimed at discouraging people from smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products.

Voting yes on Prop 56 makes smokers pay their fair share of California’s health care bill and could save the lives of thousands of children.

Click here to read the full text of Prop 56. To join the coalition, visit

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